Why I’m Not Eating Chick-Fil-A Today

I know I haven’t written in a while… but I figured that since it was the start of a new month and I have settled into this new leg of my ministry journey, today was as good as any to pick up the old pen (metaphorically speaking, of course).  And lo!, today just happens to be a day I have been dreading for a while now:  Mike Huckabee’s Support Chick-Fil-A Day.

I supposed I should be honest.  I don’t like Chick-Fil-A anyway.  I’ve always felt like their sandwiches taste like the chicken fillets you keep in your freezer and pop in a toaster oven when you’re too lazy to actually cook a meal.  And the waffle fries… they’re just waffle fries.  Nothing special.  So I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have eaten at a Chick-Fil-A in my entire lifetime.  So, it’s safe to say I’m not really boycotting because I wouldn’t be eating there anyway.

And I should be honest about my political and theological leanings in regards to homosexuality.  I’m a liberal.  And over the past few years, for reasons too numerous to get into here, I have drifted (and sometimes been pushed) further to the left.

My goal in this posting is not to take a stance on the issues of homosexuality.  There is a time and a place for that discourse, and it should be happening in our public and private lives… regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel.  The very fact that it’s a hard subject and does make us so uncomfortable is probably evidence that we need to deal with it.  But not here.

Here, in this space, I want to address the total lack of Christian love and charity that I am seeing in the Support Chick-Fil-A Day.

Some are claiming it’s a matter of protecting “free speech.”  But it’s not.  Everyone is speaking freely and no one is being barred from speaking.  If anything, the fact that this conversation is so public and so big is a reflection of how our rights (all of our rights, regardless of what side of the line we are on) works.  We speak with words, both spoken and written.  We speak through consumerism.  We speak with our money.  We speak with our presence, with our bodies, and with our actions.  America… and it seems like everyone in America, is speaking about Chick-Fil-A.

Some are claiming it’s a matter of taking a stand for Christian morals.  Nope.  That’s not it, either.  Maybe conservative Christian morals are coming into play here… but the people standing in line at Chick-Fil-A do not speak for all Christians.  The fact that every mainline denomination is struggling with homosexuality is an indication that Christians themselves are divided.

Today is about drawing a line in the sand, not in defense of marriage, but as a way of trying to prove who is “bigger”.  And as time goes on, we will hear a great deal of debating about who is bigger and who won.  Sure, some of those lines are impressive… but overall, Chick-Fil-A’s ratings have plummeted since Dan Cathy’s public statement.  Sure, those protests are loud, but a lot of people are still going to Chick-Fil-A on a regular basis.

But Jesus never cared one lick about who was bigger.  He cared about love.  When a woman caught in adultery huddled before him, fearful she was about to be stoned, Jesus defended her by pointing out that no one is so perfect that they have the right to cast that first stone.  I wonder what he would see in the people in those lines standing outside those stores today… I like to see the good in people every chance I get, so I believe from the bottom of my heart that some of those people are good, saintly, righteous people who live true lives adhering to their beliefs.  But I find it hard to believe that all those people are in that boat because… well… how many of us truly are?  Sure, we try to live like that… but how often do we fail?

As they lined up to “take a stand for marriage”, are all of them truly defending this so-called biblical definition of marriage in their lives?  How many are divorced?  How many are adulterers?  Fornicators (meaning they have had sex outside of wedlock at all)?  How many have failed to cherish one another?  How many have neglected their responsibilities to their families?

Now, I’m not going to condemn any of those people… only Jesus can judge them.  But the stones they are trying to throw today happens to look like Chick-Fil-A sandwiches… and I wonder how many of them actually have the right to throw those stones?  It seems that in their defense of marriage against homosexuals, they have neglected to notice that the biggest assault on marriage over the years has not been homosexuality, but the blatant disrespect for the marriage covenant and the lack of spirituality in which heterosexuals bring to that bond.

So where is the love?  Going back to that same adulterous woman, Jesus responded with nothing but love and compassion.  He didn’t say, “When you give up your lifestyle, I’ll come to your rescue.”  He didn’t say, “If I help you, will you quit sinning and live the way I tell you to?”   And he certainly did not say, “Until you abandon your sinful life I’ll be standing in line over here at the poultry shop that speaks out against adultery… join me when you’re ready to see it my way.”   Nope.  Jesus just put himself between this woman and her persecutors.  He drew in the sand that day… but not a line.  We don’t know what he drew, but whatever it was, it caused stones to fall to the ground as a blood-thirsty mob realized they weren’t acting on God’s behalf with their actions.  Jesus showed love because in that moment he saw a sinner and he did not condemn her.  He did not attack her.  He did not hold her salvation hostage.  He simply saved her.  He saw her and he loved her, regardless of what stains were on her soul.

At what point does queuing up in a line show love?  If you really do believe homosexuality is a sin, how is this showing them love?  From where I stand, I only see this chasing people away as they try to escape the flurry of waffle fries pelting down upon them as people screech, “Sinner, sinner!”

As Christians, we believe that only Jesus can judge…and that only Jesus can save.  So we shouldn’t be judging them so quickly… we should only be showing people Jesus.  And maybe, just maybe, we should pay attention to his teachings and take a good hard look at ourselves before we start picking up our stones.

I freely admit that when it comes to this current issue, I tend to find myself on the left-side of the line.  I have studied and studied scripture and theology and I, after a long and difficult struggle, have come to understand sexual immorality to be something that could never be defined in terms as black-and-white as “straight” and “gay”.  Are some homosexuals sexually immoral?  Sure.  But so are some heterosexuals.  Are all homosexuals immoral?  Certainly not, just as not all heterosexuals are immoral.

So, since I’m not eating at Chick-Fil-A today, I must be protesting them, right?

Wrong.  For the same reasons I have listed above, I can’t justify standing outside a restaurant with a sign hurling stones at them.  A few years ago, I was in Dan Cathy’s shoes.  Ten years ago, I probably would have jumped in line even though I can’t stand the taste of Chick-Fil-A.  But through a long, hard, emotional journey over the past decade, and thanks to the loving discourse that has occurred between friends, colleagues, mentors, and me, I have found myself shifting on this issue.  The people who were quick to slap a label on me and write me off as a lost cause had no effect on me.  It was the patient, the loving, the understanding, the compassionate few who gave me a safe place to voice a different opinion, who loved me even when they didn’t love my opinions, and who strove every step along the way (the same as I was) to do what Jesus would do that impacted my understanding.

Maybe, just maybe, if we all… regardless of which position we support… are constantly striving to follow Jesus, maybe we’ll find him standing amongst us, drawing revelations in the sand and saving us all from the stones we are poised and ready to hurl at one another.

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28 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Eating Chick-Fil-A Today

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  1. I’ll respect your opinion for what it is, your opinion. That said, this is about some 2 bit politicians going way over the line and calling for boycotts for what amounts to sheer pandering for votes from the gay community.
    The American people will vote with their wallets today, as to what deserves a boycott and what does not.
    That said, Rainbow crowd = epic fail! Free advertising for Chick-fil-A, more than they could ever imagine. Lots of kind, sweet, wholesome people joining together as a show of solidarity and support for what is a just cause. Plus a relatively good priced supper for me and my family, while showing my children what true democracy is all about, voting.

  2. Just because someone stood in a line at Chick-Fil-A does not mean they are speaking for all Christians. Words from my daughter who is 23 years old, “Moreno is ridiculous. So Chic fil A’s top dog can’t exercise to free speech and be allowed to think with his own head if he wants to run business out if Chicago…saying that he disrespected a part of the community is absurd. If that is being disrespectful, then how is Moreno not being disrespectful to the Christian community in Chicago? I guess I just do not understand….”
    Yes it is about “Free Speech”. As for judging? Your article, it is very judging. Eating at Chick-Fil-A is not judging, it is supporting a buisness that others want to shut down. Just because someone does not fund gay marriages, does not mean they are judging them. Your words “God does the judging”..Oh by the way Christians were not the only ones eating at Chick-Fil-A and I did not eat at a Chick-Fil-A yesterday because my schedule did not allow me to drive 1 hour to a Chick-Fil-A…but I do support them and will continue to eat at them because I like their food.

    1. Matthew you can fake it all you want. But those in line at chick-fil-a have judged that gays can not marry,in 34 states in fact. they would have it be judged that way by the law of the land. how much more does one have to do to be said that one is judging? You’ll answer “well, its about freedom of speech, I think Dan Cathy has the right to announce that he believes in the bibles definition of marriage.” Ok fine, now imagine its 1950. its clear if he would say that in 1950, it implies blacks and whites should not be able mix or marry. now go stand in line for that comment in 1950 and claim that its about his rights of free speech. oh boo hoo!! poor billionaire Dan Cathy, who has been married for years with children. somehow you feel sorry for him, cause he feels compelled to tell everyone how christian he is beating his chest proudly as he influencing society toward feeling superior to gays? All the while, the gays are being insulted, demeaned and spat on. So the mayors defend them out of compassion, though you’ll say its liberal politics and power pushing. In fact, you’ll even go so far as to stand in line for the billionaire self righteous so called christian. Dan spoke, the mayors spoke, freedom of speech in question? I doubt it. this is smoke and mirrors show, buddy. Anyone that has the sense to see through this, knows its about something bigger. Freedom of speech was never harmed or logically should been in question, this is about boycotting bigotry and a monopolization of what it means to be christian in this country. I may not agree with your lifestyle but I sure as hell will not outlaw your ability to chose that way. In fact, I have and will continue to defend your right to have access to the same rights and freedoms of have. Its simple, gays are only asking for something that so many of us have taken for granted and have neglected for centuries. I think its time they join in the joy and misery of that choice. And its time we get out of the greasy chicken line and march behind, no in front of the gays, no not for their rights, as there is not real they and us, but for all of everyones rights!!

      1. Well said Josh! My issue is the fact that some of these so called Christians ARE judging gays and saying you can’t do this and you can’t do that. We as a nation have NO right to do that at all. Like the writer mentioned, how many of those people in line have been divorced, how many have been adulterers, how many of them have looked at porn? Some of them certainly have been guilty of one or more of those. We need to accept people. Jesus did – why can’t we?

      2. I like your logic Josh. The true haters out there fail to recognize the total falsehood of their arguments. It’s about emotion to them, not intelligence.

  3. Great post! I’m not spiritual myself, but I have been following the Chick-Fil-A story with some interest. To be perfectly honest, I think that Huckabee’s Support Chick-Fil-A Day is in such bad taste (no pun intended – ha!) and if I were a Christian, I would be embarrassed to be affiliated with that. I have nothing against religion, and think that if somebody feels in their heart that same-sex marriage is wrong, that’s all right. But Dan Cathy’s statements strike me as simply bigoted, and standing in line for a fast-food restaurant to celebrate his stance is accomplishing what exactly? Thank you for your wisdom, and this post.


  4. “And I should be honest about my political and theological leanings in regards to homosexuality. I’m a liberal.”

    I never could understand someone who THINKS they are Christian and openly admit “I’m liberal”. What they mean to say is, “I don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God” and everything that goes along with it. Why do you call yourself a Christian and a “preacher” even in the title of your post if you don’t even believe in what God has written?! You exchange “Thus sayeth the Lord” with “thus thinketh the majority”. I really don’t understand people like you. To declare what God has said and to support Christian-minded businesses or individuals is not “judgmental” or “hurling sandwiches” as you are so quick to judge, but is simply trusting God and seeking to please Him rather than men (pardon the pun). “Let God be true, and every man a liar. (including “appalachianpreacher”!) As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge. (Romans 3:4)

    1. Andy, just from your picture, the bible suggests you should be stoned. For one you are wearing mixed fabrics. secondly you shave your sideburns, and well you do appear slightly overweight. I never understood someone who thinks they are christian and openly posts pictures showing how they blatantly disregard scripture. Furthermore, your idea of what God says or christiainity is about is arrogantly idealistically & monopolizing. I am a christian and find it appalling that you apparently don’t read the whole bible and cherry pick to what makes you appear better than others, placing you in a line to eat sandwiches of judgment and self righteousness. Somehow you believe your in line for God. Gotta wonder!!

    2. For centuries churches have looked at scripture differently. Some have asserted that the Bible is the literal word of God while others believe that scripture is inspired by God. Where you begin on matters of faith very much determines where you end up in your theology. I get where you are coming from but I am personally over someone who doesn’t know me telling me I sm not Christian because I am not on their side of their political leanings. Hiding behind words that you claim to be divinely written is just a cop out, an excuse to criticize someone more like you than you know because you cannot muster up real meaning of the words written. It’s like sound bite politics

    3. No, you don’t understand because you do not have the understanding and compassionate heart of Christ. The Bible tells us to help those less fortunate because your are helping Him. The far right wants nothing to do with helping people. I personally do not understand how people on the far right can call themselves Christian when they constantly put down the poor and and won’t lend a helping hand…or money. There is not one among us that can say we are better than the others. Do you follow every scripture in the Old Testament? You can’t pick and choose which scriptures you follow. People cannot condemn others when there is a plank of wood in their own eye. (Ooohh…I think that might be a scripture). The point is, you can love God and be imperfect. I bet my entry into heaven that the unperfect ones with flaws but a heart of Christ will get there before those who are self-righteous and think they are above the law.

  5. Here is where you are confused. You said:

    But the stones they are trying to throw

    Showing support for Dan Cathy and his right to operate according to his own Christian beliefs is far from throwing stones at anyone. He has not refused to serve anyone. He has stood for traditional marriage as most Christians do ( As Barack Obama did in 2008). He has a constitutional right to do so. No one is being forced to support him or his business! Those who preach “tolerance” need to understand that tolerance goes both ways. If Christians are expected to tolerate they should be shown tolerance as well.

    Perhaps it makes gays feel better to claim that they do not have equal rights because they cannot marry someone of the same sex legally, but that doesn’t make it so. We all have the same guidelines in marriage, therefore equal rights. We cannot marry a person of the same sex. It is just that some want to and some do not. We cannot marry our parents or grandparents, legally. Neither can we marry siblings. We all have the right to marry, but we do not have the right to marry under just any condition or if the union would not produce what society has deemed a positive outcome for the continuation of the human race. Traditionally marriage has been for one man and one women for the purpose of propagation of the races. It doesn’t always accomplish this and isn’t always for this purpose when seniors marry, but this is what has been recognized over the centuries as best for society. To accommodate special interest groups is harmful to society due to the harmful effects on society. People do not want to hear this and it isn’t politically correct to say so, but it is true, nonetheless.

    I do not have the right to marry three different people at the same time. Does this mean I don’t have equal rights with you if I decide I want to do so and the law tells me I cannot?

    To support Dan Cathy is not going against anyone. It is simply showing our agreement that he has a right to live by his values under the constitution of the United States. He should not be discriminated against because of his Christian beliefs.

    1. Julie, the one thing you failed to mention is that you can marry someone you are physically attracted to and romantically love, something a gay person is not able to do. See it is so easy to just glibly stand in line and take for granted what you already have, wondering what the other ‘without that something’ is complaining about. If you search within yourself, you will already see that no one is asking to marry their parent, child, sibling, cousin or dog. And we you say such things you mock people and are condescending. Furthermore, marriage in general, not just for people who have the hots for someone with differently shaped sex organs, is a good for society. And no, bringing a child into the world isn’t always a good thing, as anyone can have sex and irresponsibilly have a child and then neglect that child. Gays can surrogate a child and do the same, a child is a child ,rather it be through surrogacy or through hetereosexually instigated birth. Regardless of how that child came into the world, that child should not be denied all the rights engendered to them through their gay parents by marriage, does this not matter to you? You say like what? If you have to ask this question, then you still have lots of learning to do about what gays and their children have to go through each day. And still yet, many gays hurt everyday knowing that they can not ever have a formal, respected, and acknowledged wedding. One where family members and friends don’t judge them and condemn them for wanting something that those very people have already had, not once, but twice, three and yes 6 or 7 times, all because someone similar to you, has judged and deemed that gays getting married is ‘bad for society” or that it’s “not equal to straight marriages” Sure you can chose to marry withOUT the intention to have kids, and no one blinks an eye, but a gay wants to marry and you vomit in their face and forbide them through law, protesting loudly that your reason for doing so is simple “well, you see, you can’t make babies.” Truth be told tho, they can make babies, surogacy, its a fact of life in the modern world, so its time to see this. Its just another way nature ensures reproduction and survival of our species, through our intelligence. BINGO! In fact its this, and not the fact that we can irresponsibly spit out babies that has increased our life span, and made us the most dominant species on earth, if our survival is in question now, its because we out do all the other species in the area of survivalability and dominance. So see, all and all it does matter if you eat at chick fillet a. The president spoke his piece, and so did the mayors of this country, free speech was never in question, although media painted it that way, mostly fox news, their usually the loudest anyway. In the end, everyone was speaking away about their opinions. Meanwhile, gays watched on the sidelines as they were being hurdled rejection and labeled as an outsider to a institution that brings humans one of their greatest joys, the ability of marry someone they are attracted to and romantically love. And somehow you being Christian made you glib and feel self righteously justified to stand in line, believing somehow you were in line for God. Gotta wonder!

  6. You say that not all Homosexualls are sexually immoral. Would that be those who have been attracted but never acted? Or is there something else?

  7. Everyone is missing the point of what is really going on here. No one has any kind of respect for anyone anymore. The issue is bigger than picking sides, whether it is for or against gay marriage. In all honesty, who cares? It isn’t anyone’s place to tell someone what they can and can’t do unless it will pose some kind of harm to mankind. Two people of the same sex being together doesn’t harm anyone. It is simply lack of respect for the choices people decide to make. I understands standing up for what you believe in, but standing in line buying food to support your beliefs/religion does not constitute standing up for what you believe in. No one really knows what the bible translates to. All we have done is interpret it to our best knowledge and pray that God is the one guiding us along our journey. Christians, is it your place to look down on someone for their life choices? No it is not. As a Christian it is your responsibility to love one another, regardless of the circumstances. It is also your job to introduce God into the lives of others, not to try to be God. In the end, does this all really matter? In the end, will you be confident enough to say yes I understand every piece of what the bible is telling me and I have done my best to live through God? If you believe you have a duty to God to try and prevent gays from being together, simply pray about it and ask God to come into their lives. Don’t disrespect people in public or behind closed doors. Don’t make a scene in public about it. If everyone would just have the tiniest bit of decency and respect everything would be ok. What if the gays were to turn everything around on Christians and make a mockery of you in public? Most people may answer, “well I have God on my side and I wouldn’t care at all.” The fact of the matter is, is that you would be offended and you would be hurt because someone would be discouraging your beliefs. Everyone just needs to take time to reflect on themselves and show a little respect.

  8. Well-written, intelligent article. Are you born again? It’s not about discourse guiding one’s morals – it is being born of the Spirit and letting him reveal himself in His Word. If you presume wrong intentions in any people standing for chik-fil-A, aren’t you in fact throwing stones at them? Cathy wasn’t bullying anyone by answering a simple question about his beliefs, and his supporters recognize this fact. The fact that you even wrote about this incident shows how you stand in judgment against liberty and biblical truth.

  9. You are entitled to your opinion just as Mr. Cathy is. Neither of you should be hated for it. I am a conservative and believe everyone should have the same rights even if that means states should grant gay marriage. Just as long as they do not try to force churches into marrying same-sex couples and the majority of the state’s populous chooses it, not some judge who decrees it.

    Most judges are liberal in my opinion and feel they can use the law to bend to their will and I despise them for it. I will also say that most of the liberals I have met are the most intolerant people around, their use of political correctness is a prime example (free speech) as are vegans (we don’t eat meat or use animal products so neither will anyone else) just to name two.

    Most of my conservative friends don’t really care one way or the other and would never exclude someone because of their orientation (This is what I know, not what MSNBC tells me conservative are)

    All of this serves as a fine distraction to what is really going on-WE are losing our country and our economy is suffering like it never has.

    1. Very well said Dean. I feel judged just as bad when ppl make comments about what you should and shouldnt be doing as a Christian or gay. I think the world is slipping fast. Respect and morals are being thrown out the door. I am very concerned that we bicker and disrespect each other over this topic and yet the same time Chic Filet story blew up our local news is reporting that a 16 yr old raped a 4 year old and a grown adult man was caught and arrested because he was bragging about raping an 8 yr old at least twice. Nobody makes an uproar about that. You can stand up for your beliefs in a respectful manner however victims like these will NEVER have a normal life and they NEVER had a choice in the matter. Who speaks and stands up for them? It sickens me to know that these issues slip under the radar and yet this makes news for days and arguments galor. Do ppl not realize that both sides bickering and arguing makes them one in the same? Both judging both sides right in their opinions.

  10. You said “Everyone is speaking freely and no one is being barred from speaking.” which overlooks the whole reason this day happened. Because of Mr. Cathy’s interview three public figures made statements that they would prevent chick fil a from opening in their towns. Even the ACLU, who fights for liberal causes, said this would constitute a first amendment violation. Only by ignoring this fact about why the day was conceived are you able to construct the rest of your argument.

  11. Yes, Jesus told the woman to sin no more. He also told men and women not to have premarital sex, commit adultery (or even think about it) or divorce….but that opens up a whole can of worms, doesn’t it? “As sinners we can identify with the woman taken in adultery and identify those who cast stones in our own lives, but are we able to identify with the forgiving heart of Jesus or do we belong to those who take pleasure in other peoples wrongdoing, keep reminding others of past failures, stirring it in moments of ill humour, light vigil lamps to others mistakes or do we forgive and forget without hoarding the hurt?” Hmmmmmmm….What Would Jesus Do?

  12. I read this article with great interest and in its entirety. I have had gay friends in my life ever since 1978 (whew!) and this issue is a big deal to me. I wanted to comment on 2 things you talked about. One is Jesus’ encounter with the woman caught in adultery. This is one of my absolute favorite passages of scripture in the entire Bible! Jesus showed such love and mercy and compassion to this woman. It is important to also note that at the end of their meeting, Jesus’ parting words to her were, “Go and sin no more.” (John 8:11) In saying this, Jesus was 1. calling sin sin and 2. asking her to leave her life of sin. Yes, he did show her love and compassion and said he did not condemn her, but it is important to consider and understand everything he said to her. Jesus came to this planet to change us! Another point I would like to make is that is is possible to find the truth by seeking God and reading the Bible. (both are necessary) Some things really are black and white. Jesus has a lot to say about love, mercy and compassion for all humans, but he also spoke clearly and specifically on the issue of what marriage is. (See Mark 10: 6-9; Matthew 19: 4-5) I know everyone is sick of the Chick-fil-a thing. Me, too! But this issue is not going to go away and we need wisdom from God to help us. I absolutely agree with part of your closing statement, the part that says..”Maybe, just maybe, if we are all…constantly striving to follow Jesus..” To me, that is the answer for all of us. “Constantly striving to follow Jesus!” Not just the parts of Jesus that we like, but ALL of him and what he said and what he stood for. In your bio you call yourself a Jesus follower and a seeker of truth. If you choose to follow Jesus, then you must be willing to define sin and define truth. According to Jesus. Not just a human desire for everyone to love everyone and for all of us to get along all the time and agree about everything. When Jesus encountered people groups that he knew were not willing to follow the truth and change (such as the Pharisees) , he didn’t try to be accepting and tolerant of them. In fact, he called them all kinds of nasty things (brood of vipers, white washed tombs)! I totally agree that there has been a blatant disrespect of the covenant of marriage within the Christian community. I also believe that there are Christians that are hypocritical and judgemental. But I do not hold myself to their standand. Jesus is my standand. May God bless you with His truth and wisdom as you continue to follow him and seek truth!

  13. I respect your opinion for what it is….your opinion. You stated it was not standing up for “free speech ” or “christian morals”. With all due respect, you are wrong. I am a Christian, and very proud of it. Am I without sin, or holier than thou? Absolutely not! But I do have homosexual friends and others that I know of that went to Chick-fil-a and bought food that day. Why did they go? To support Mr. Cathy’s right to free speech. They said so. They believed he had the right to answer the question put before him. It was his right. They also agreed he is not discriminatory in his actions. As to “christian morals”, there were those there that I was able to share my belief in Christ with without condemnation. We had a fun time, gay and straight, christian and non-christian. There were no ugly or embarrassing incidents or remarks made. Also remember, saying I or any other person there was not because of “free speech” or “christian morals” is judgmental on your part. God knows and knew the sincerity of my heart.

  14. The line was not drawn in the sand by the people standing in line @ Chick~ fil~ A, is was drawn in the sand by those on the other side of the issue. They were the ones who took on mans views & tried to ruin an entire company ~ the appreciation day was in response to their actions.

  15. Wonderful commentary. Sorry for the pitiful, judgementmal Christians. They are the reason atheism is on the rise (shhh..,they will blame it on the devil as opposed to their own hateful example).

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