Fused Together By The Fire

The United Methodists of Rivesville

Scripture:  Acts 2:1-21;  Delivered:  May 19, 2013;  Pentecost


A very, very long time ago, the people of the Lord came to a beautiful place called the Plain of Shinar. There, they found everything they thought they would ever need for a good life:  The ground was fertile, water was abundant, for as far as they could see were peaceful places.  There was no threat of an invasion.  There were no worries of war.  There was only hope that they would live very long lives and prosper greatly in that beautiful place.

One day, the community elders gathered together to discuss how fortunate they were, and they began to dream big dreams.

“Look how much we have already accomplished!”  They gushed as they remembered all they had accomplished.  “We have found this beautiful place.  We have begun living peaceful lives in a land that seems as wonderful as heaven.  Imagine what else we could do if only we put our heads together and joined forces!”

One suggested…

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