A Prayer For The Caretakers

I lift up my voice and my soul for the caretakers–
The ones who give selflessly of themselves,
Who are always thinking of others
And considering themselves after all others
Have been comforted.

For those who lovingly cool the head
Of feverish children.
For those who coax and persuade and beg
That medication be taken on time.
For those who sit next to hospital beds
And in physical therapy rooms,
And waiting rooms,
And doctors offices…
Filled with worry and waiting…
Waiting for word to come,
Praying it will be good,
Preparing for the worst.

Lord, I thank you for the caretakers
Who heap the burden of stress and concern upon themselves
So that others won’t have to.

Lord, I thank you for the caretakers
Who hold hands through illness,
old age,
mental illness,
And a million other ailments.

They give themselves so selflessly
Because you gave Yourself so selflessly.

So, bless them, Lord.
Comfort them.
Give them rest.
Give them your unwavering love
In their times of trial,
For it is only through your love that we find our strength.


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