The United Methodists of Rivesville

Scripture:  John 16:12-15; Delivered:  May 26, 2013


Surely you’ve seen those Allstate commercials with Mayhem, right?

You know–there’s a normal-looking guy in a nice suit walking by and talking in a normal tone of voice–And he tells you that he is actually some sort of trouble for you–something that will leave you reeling, but if you have Allstate insurance, you are protected from “Mayhem like me.”

In each new commercial the poor guy has new cuts and bruises and bandages signalling all the mayhem he has been causing in our lives.

I think my favorite Mayhem commercial is the one where he is in a tree, and he says, “I am a random wind storm and this is a weak branch above your car…Shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky…”

And suddenly the branch breaks loose and falls with Mayhem in tow, crushing the car below and setting off a loud car alarm. From his place on the roof of the car he says, “Luckily you have…

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