Liturgy Inspired by “Enough: Chapter 2”


Cast aside the concerns of this world. Surrender all that you have.

We will let of all our worldly cares and build a treasure for ourselves in heaven.

The world will destroy and steal and squander the good things. But nothing can harm our heavenly treasure.

Where our treasure is, our hearts will be as well!

Come, let us worship God! Let us turn our hearts to God’s perfect, incorruptible treasure.

We will worship the God of all that is good and perfect!

Inspired by Luke 12:33-34



Almighty God, we’ve gathered here today to worship you. Some of us have been like the prodigal child, living extravagantly outside of your wisdom and guidance. Some of us have been like the older sibling, living in your grace and compassion and taking it for granted. But we have all come here to feel your presence, to hear your wisdom spoke to us, and to have our hearts opened to the beauty and perfection of your will. Amen.

Inspired by Luke 15:11-16



Forgive us, Patient God, for acting like the Prodigal Child.

Forgive us for living in the urgency of this world rather than the peace of your Kingdom.
Forgive us for wanting our inheritance now rather than waiting for the fulfillment of your will.
Forgive us for squandering the good things you have prepared for us on the flights and fancies of this world.

Forgive us, Loving God, for acting like the Older Sibling.

Forgive us for assuming we are entitled to all the wonderful gifts you have offered rather than being always grateful for your generosity.
Forgive us for hoarding your compassion rather than joyously sharing it with others.
Forgive us for failing to see how the goodness of your Kingdom has been here, at our disposal, all along.



The Ever-Patient, Ever-Loving God, the Giver of Good Things, has heard our pleas for mercy. Hear the Good News! We are a forgiven people! Amen.



Thank you, Generous God, for the gifts you have given us. For the things that make our lives easier, for the things that sustain us, for the things that inspire us, we thank you. We bring these gifts to you with humble hearts, knowing they are such small tokens compared to what you have already given us. But we ask that your would receive them, and receive us, too. Use these gifts and use the gifts you have bestowed upon each of us, so that the work of your perfect kingdom will be fulfilled. Amen.

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