Showing Up

2 Chronicles 20:1-22

Judah was not a powerful nation by military standards. It must have seemed like an easy conquest for the mighty Moabite alliance.

King Jehoshaphat stood in shock and horror as he surveyed the pending invasion.

It seemed as if the whole world had joined forces to march against the tiny Southern Kingdom and destroy it.

One thing Jehoshaphat was known for was his determination to turn his people back to the Lord and observance of the law. He resisted the influx of idolatrous worship and sent out priests to instruct the people.

So, the King does the thing he has come to be known for: He turns to God for help.

The answer came through the voice of a prophet who announced that the armies of Judah should march out to meet this mighty army and to trust that God would win the fight.

Outnumbered and out-weaponed, no one would have blamed Jehoshaphat if he had found reason to doubt the prophet’s message. However, Jehoshaphat had strengthened Judah with his devotion to God and his unwavering belief that God is faithful. So, the King not only acted on the message he was given, he did so with tremendous zeal and joy.

What military leader would gather musicians to lead an army?

And yet, what Jehoshaphat sent out to meet the mighty invaders was a line of soldiers, led by pipers and fiddlers, dancing their way to the combat zone.

Jehoshaphat knew that he needed to not only trust in God, but to show up as well. It would be one thing to assume God would turn the Moabite alliance away, but to actually send his army singing and dancing to the front lines was a profound demonstration of just how much he trusted in God, and God expected no less.

Sure enough, God turned the alliance on each other. In-fighting led to battles with each other. The massive army fell apart as they destroyed each other so that when Jehoshaphat’s army arrived, all that was left was to gather in the spoils.

Likewise, there are battles that rage in our communities, our families, and our own spirits that we can’t win unless we turn them over to the Divine Will of God. And yet, God doesn’t just want us to sit back and wait for God to take care of things, God expects us to show up and be present.

What are the insurmountable battles you see in your life? In this world? What enemy (spiritual or physical) seems too powerful to overcome? What promise is God speaking to you about these battles? How can you “show up”?

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