God Expected Justice

Isaiah 5:1-7

The “Song of the Vineyard” begins as a love story, but ends in tragedy.


God expected justice, but there was bloodshed;
righteousness, but there was a cry of distress!

From the very beginning, God has meant for this world to be a love story between the Divine and Creation.

We were meant for tremendous things.
We were meant for paradise.
We were meant for a full life of love and glory.

And yet, for all God’s expectations, we have created a wake of hurt and destruction that has rippled through time and space and left many suffering and crying out for help.

Lent in a blessed time because it gives us the chance to stop looking at how others are sinning, and to turn our attention to the sins of our own lives and minds and hearts.

Dig deep in the soil of your heart.
Dig down to the roots and expose them to the light.

Are they good?
Are they strong?
Are they healthy?

Or are they withering?
Are they rotting?
Are they choking out life in others?

But God still hungers for that love story which began with the first spark at the start of time. And, God still wants us to live into that story with every moment of our lives.

What type of song would the Divine sing for you today? Would it be a love song? A song of tragedy and sadness? How can you live into the love story? How can you let that story touch the lives of others around you? Will your roots spread life or choke or it out?

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