A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Luke 3:18-21

It’s funny how a great slogan will stand the test of time. Long before I was born, even before my parents were born, Brylcreem wrote a snappy jingle for their men’s hair care products featuring the line, “A little dab will do ya.”

To this day, people are still spitting out that lyric, even when they may not know where it came from.

Likewise, Jesus’ line about faith and mustard seeds have become so common in our popular language, that we often use the phrase without even thinking about it.

While I often refer to the need to have faith like a mustard seed, it is important to note that Jesus was actually talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. While it may take faith to understand the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus was speaking about something more than faith.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place we can only reach after death, if we’ve been good enough. It’s not an elusive utopia of the future. It is a real way of life in which we can live our lives here and now.

So what is the Kingdom of Heaven?

It is the place where God reigns supreme. In our hearts and souls, it means we have to turn over control to God.

This is not an easy thing to do.

Who really wants to surrender control of their lives? Who really wants to let go of our power, limited as it might seem? Who really wants to just let go and say, “Thy will be done” when it might take us to places we don’t want to go, or to things we don’t want to do?

Jesus knew how hard it would be for his followers to surrender their will to God’s. Which is why, I believe, he told so many parables about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fortunately, for us, the Kingdom grows.

Even if all we can find to surrender is a tiny portion of our lives, it will multiply within us. If we can only carve out a mustard-seed portion of our lives and offer it up, God will make that mustard seed grow and grow until it becomes all of what we are.

Even if all we can do is to offer a hidden part of ourselves, like the yeast hidden in flour, it will work it’s way through.

So, if you are holding back from God in this season of Lent because you are worried that you aren’t ready to surrender all of yourself to God, then give what you can.

Watch what amazing feats God will work with what you offer.

Watch how God’s Kingdom will grow in you until all of what you are exists in that place where God reigns supreme.

When it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven, a little dab’ll do ya.

What are the places in your life you have given to the Kingdom of Heaven? How has it grown in you? What are the places in your life you haven’t surrenderd yet? Why haven’t you? What are the places in the world where you see proof of the Kingdom of Heaven? How can you facilitate the Kingdom’s growth in this world?

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