Not Some Stranger

Isaiah 43:8-15

“I announced, I saved, I proclaimed, not some stranger among you.”

Isaiah 43:12a

It’s a story as old as time: Humanity finds itself in a jam and starts looking for someone who can lead the way out.

When Moses went up the mountain to commune with God, the people turned to Aaron who, in an act of desperation, created a false god.

When the people of Jerusalem wanted salvation from the oppression they suffered at the hands of Rome, they cried out for a criminal to be set free rather than the one who could lead them.

With every new campaign cycle we experience in this country, we hear the same messages coming at us time after time: This person can lead us out of the trouble we’re in. That person can restore us to what we dreamed we once were.

But God makes it clear: God alone is the source of our salvation.

No “stranger” among us can do that. There is no single priest, no politician, no general, no philosopher, no ruler who can rescue us.

Our hope rests in God alone.

What politicians have you voted for? What were your reasons? How have those people lived into your expectations? How have they failed? How has God been a source of salvation for you? How can God be a source of salvation for the community around you?

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