Psalm 20

We were watching television and one of the characters performed a “trust fall” but wasn’t caught. Confused, I asked my parents why that crazy woman just fell backwards like that. In her explanation, Mom and Dad demonstrated a “trust fall”, but when it was my turn to fall backwards, I had a hard time doing so, especially with my brother behind me promising to catch me.

To this day, there are very few people I would be willing to blindly fall backwards into.

When the Psalmist writes:

Some people trust in chariots, others in horses…

Psalm 20:7a

I find myself pondering how he might have phrased it for today’s audience.

Chariots and horses were elements of a strong army, and thus many people placed their trust in those shows of might and power.

So maybe David would have said, “Some people trust in tanks, others in jet fighters,” in order to conjure the same images of military supremacy.

Or, maybe he would have brought it down to a more personal level and said, “Some people trust in pistols, others in rifles.”

Regardless of where his emphasis may have landed, David’s follow-up would always be the same, I believe:

…but we praise the Lord’s name.

Psalm 20:7b

Whether it was thousands of years ago, or today, humanity needs to stop and refocus our attentions. We must make it a discipline to remind ourselves where our hope and our trust lie.

When you feel your way of life is threatened, where do you look for reassurance? What material things do you rely on to feel secure? (For example, a safe home, an item you use for personal protection, etc…) In moments of fear, how do you focus your trust on God?

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