Psalm 31:9-16

Oh, how I’ve read this passage throughout the years!

Prone to depression, I’ve struggled with the darkness that can sometimes overshadow my soul.

With two suicide attempts by the time I was 23, I’ve struggled to find meaning in the messiness of life when things are going poorly.

Somewhere along the line, though, I’ve learned the same trick David seems to use so often: Affirmation.

David laments the problems he is suffering through, as we all need to have space to do on occasion. But after he expresses the anguish of his heart, he comes back to a very simple statement: You are my Lord.

So much of the depression I struggled with as a young person revolved around the notion that there was something about me that made me unacceptable to God. In my darkest moments, I thought I was outside of God’s love and protection. Sometimes I was bluntly told this by various people in various ways. Sometimes it was the result of my own limited understanding of God.

But in those moments when I couldn’t see myself as God’s precious child, I was without hope.

It is a powerful statement to be able to say, “You are my God. I trust in you.”

It spits in the eye of all those people in this world who would tell you that they know better, that God couldn’t possible love a sinner like you.

It also speaks deeply to your soul and speaks a simple truth: God is God of all. There is no person, no doctrine, no thought process that can prevent God from being God.

So, now, when I feel the darkness of depression settling over my soul, I take a deep breath, turn my eyes away from the world and to the heavens, and I speak a simple but powerful truth:

I trust you, Lord. You are my God!

What makes you question whether or not you are in God’s care? Have you ever felt like you were outside of God’s grace and love? What might you have done to make others feel this way? How might you affirm God’s power in your life and in the life of others?

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