Leviticus 23:1-8

God has always called us into sacred times and structured the rhythms of our lives in such a way that we should be constantly reminded of God’s presence.

Jesus modeled this with his life by regularly taking time away from the crowds and the pressures of his public ministry to retreat to quiet places for prayer.

The lines of our world can sometimes be very blurred. While the ancient world lived in the cycles of work and rest together, we no longer share that natural rhythm with one another.

And yet, the need to slow down, to breathe deeply, and to take in the mystery and wonders of God is no less important.

Today we are reminded of our need for Sabbath.

One of the complaints I hear frequently about Sabbath is that the world doesn’t respect it. Those who remember the so-called “Blue Laws” will often lament their disappearance. When the local ball field is swarming with youth leagues on a Sunday afternoon, people complain.

However, if Sabbath has become any less important in our lives, we have only ourselves to blame.

Even when the world spins too fast and it’s hard to find our balance, we, as God’s followers, must remember to carve out the time in the chaos to make time for God.

If anything, it is more important in a world that doesn’t have Sabbath built into its cycles.

So take the time to simply sit in God’s presence.

Meditate on the ways in which God has provided for God’s people: through the miracle of manna in the wilderness, through water in the desert, through the healing power of Jesus Christ, etc… How has God provided for you? If you could tell the world why it is so important to spend time in Sabbath, what would you say?

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