How Long: A Reflection on Psalm 62

I'm a middle child in birth order. I'm also an INFJ on the Myers Briggs Inventory. My Enneagram is 9. All of that means that I am hardwired to be a peacemaker. I hate conflict. When people are angry at one another, I feel it in my own body. My heart breaks and my soul... Continue Reading →


Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay I’m back! It’s been more than a 18 months since I sat down and focused on writing. The pandemic struck and so many of the things that had always sustained me were shoved to the back burner… except I forgot to tun on the burner, so it’s just sat... Continue Reading →


Patience is an act of faith—a proclamation of trust—that God’s Will will be done in time. (Click to view video)

Un-Choosing Fatalism

When I was studying Appalachian culture in college, one debate we often had in our classes was about whether the Appalachian people were fatalistic in their worldview. As a twenty-something with a wide world awaiting her and a head full of dreams, I argued that we were, in fact, not fatalistic. Years have spun out... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Adventures

Everything is 2020! I'm so excited to have two new adventures I am embarking on this year--two new avenues I'll be keeping you up-to-date on as the days go by. So what's new? First... a lifetime dream is coming true. Thanks to the expertise of Anna Weber Stearns at Voices in Print, I'll be publishing... Continue Reading →


It was a dreary day driving out of Idaho... and then cold and blustery in Wyoming (and snowing!) But even in the midst of the clouds there were moments of blue skies and sunshine. I couldn't help but be reminded that we are still in the Easter season and signs of resurrection are everywhere.

This Mother’s Day…

This Mother's Day, I find my heart dwelling on the ways in which we who never knew the thrill, the pain, the fear, or the joy of the miracle of birth mother the children around us. As my 21-year-old nephew prepares to make the long journey from West Virginia to Idaho in order to live... Continue Reading →

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