Empty Vessels

Vessels.Filled to the brim.Cleansing for the unclean.Hope for the hopeless.All who come will be welcomedwith a just a splash.Wash away the hurt.Wash away the sin.Wash away the shame.Leave the vessels where they stand.Empty.Discarded.Used.Dry.Laughter fades.Singing turns to silence.Whispers reveal the emptinessof joy,of hope,of celebration.What good is itwhen it's all been used up?What is leftafter it's all... Continue Reading →

On Earth as it is in Heaven

A prayer for the girls of Nigeria and the girls of Rivesville, WV Oh, Lord! What it is it about Little Girls with books      That frighten men with guns so? All I can do Is turn my eyes to the heavens And cry out.      Let Your Will be done      On Earth as it is done... Continue Reading →

More Than Pearls

A poem based on Proverbs 31 A good woman is worth more than     diamonds and pearls-- How will we know her when we see her? She is strong. She is honorable. She looks to the future with a glimmer     in her eye-- She knows there is hope. She is wise. She is kind. She watches... Continue Reading →

The Encouragement of Ducks

What is that? I squint into the darkness, trying to figure out what that thing bobbing in the river is.  I love the river at night.  Sometimes, when my soul is restless, the dog and I will walk down to the dock behind the municipal building and sit on the bench, watching the river gently... Continue Reading →

The First Punch

At this point, does it matter who threw the first punch? Hey, girl!  Whatchu doin’?  Me?  Nothin’.  Just walkin’. A carefree night.  Not a worry in the world.  March Madness is brewing in the heavy Florida air.  All of a sudden I’ve got a craving for something sweet.  Pull on my hoodie, stuff my cellphone... Continue Reading →

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