A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Luke 3:18-21 It's funny how a great slogan will stand the test of time. Long before I was born, even before my parents were born, Brylcreem wrote a snappy jingle for their men's hair care products featuring the line, "A little dab will do ya." To this day, people are still spitting out that lyric,... Continue Reading →

The Day A Drunk Woman Came To Church

Romans 2:12-16 When I was a teenager, my home church threw a Christmas party for area children. The youth group spent the year raising funds and preparing for the event. It was a major event in our year and in our spiritual development. Helen, an elderly member of the congregation who had worked many years... Continue Reading →

God Expected Justice

Isaiah 5:1-7 The "Song of the Vineyard" begins as a love story, but ends in tragedy. Why? God expected justice, but there was bloodshed;righteousness, but there was a cry of distress! From the very beginning, God has meant for this world to be a love story between the Divine and Creation. We were meant for... Continue Reading →

Wake Up!

Revelation 3:1-6 It might be easy for us to shake our heads at Sardis and wonder how they became the church that needed a strong warning from the Divine... but, if we're being honest, I think most of us would be perfectly comfortable at the church in Sardis. The Christians at Sardis had a good... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire

Daniel 3:19-30 On September 11 ... Yes, that September 11, I sat at my cubicle on the fourth floor of an insurance claims processing center when the news began to filter in that something major was happening in New York City. One employee on the floor had brought in a little, old fashioned travel television... Continue Reading →

Showing Up

2 Chronicles 20:1-22 Judah was not a powerful nation by military standards. It must have seemed like an easy conquest for the mighty Moabite alliance. King Jehoshaphat stood in shock and horror as he surveyed the pending invasion. It seemed as if the whole world had joined forces to march against the tiny Southern Kingdom... Continue Reading →

More Than You Can Handle

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 I've spent a lot of time cringing from a phrase Christians have spoken to each other for as long as anyone can remember: "God won't give you more than you can handle." I struggled with this phrase because there were long stretches when my depression seemed like it was more than I... Continue Reading →

A Gracious Credit

Romans 4:1-12 A popular meme floating around social media states: "I've ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I'll keep you posted." In faith circles, our chicken-or-egg debate rages around when exactly a person experiences salvation. Is it before or after we are baptized? Is it before or after we step away from all... Continue Reading →

A House Deserted

Matthew 23:37-39 If you have time, I would encourage you to go back and read Matthew 23 in its entirety. Then, go back and read Matthew 5:1-12. If you don't have time, please allow me to offer these brief summaries: Matthew 23: Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees and Sadducees and offers extremely harsh words... Continue Reading →

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