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I can still see it:  Grandma Opal sitting on her front porch swing, short little legs rhythmically pumping as she swang back and forth, back and forth. It was a joke in our family–the more engrossed she was in her book or her craft project, the higher she would swing.  I used to watch her crocheting a mile a minute and wishing I could churn out the beautiful things she did.

But I was too impatient. And I wasn’t willing to sit and learn.

As I’ve grown, however, I’ve come to appreciate the example Grandma set for me–I’ve come to understand that her long sessions of quietly sitting and crocheting or knitting or cross stitching were really sessions of meditation. Grandma was “spiritual, but not religious” before it was cool. She once rewrote the entire Bible in verse, but I don’t have a single memory of her ever attending a worship service. When I began discerning my call to ministry, both of grandmothers were major influences I thought about a lot… and yet, when I think of Grandma Opal’s spiritual disciplines, it’s always that front porch swing, crochet hook in hand, that comes to mind.

A little older, a little more patient, I decided to take up crocheting a couple years ago. Without Grandma to teach me, I turned to YouTube and before I knew it, I had found the bliss Grandma Opal had found…

So, I’ve opened my very own Etsy shop. Each item sold in it are lovingly crafted by hand and have been incorporated into my daily prayer life and spiritual disciplines. In each item there are tears of joy, tears of sorrow, worries about administrative church things (remember, I’m a pastor), meditation on scripture, and a million other prayers…

Take a moment to check it out… it’s still in the beginning stages, but I’ll be adding frequently!

Appalachian Preacher @ Etsy

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