Yeah, Me Too

I first noticed the #MeToo statuses pop up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds Monday and my fingers hovered over the “copy and paste” button for awhile before deciding against it. The stories I was hearing from friends and strangers were harrowing. Brave people sharing their worst moments and the reasons why they chose to... Continue Reading →

Scorched Earth

I had only been in Idaho a few days when I saw the lightning strike in the distance. The fire it ignited would burn tens of thousands of acres. I marveled as I drove by “the burn” and saw the earth itself scorched black. The dry desert grasses and sage brushes had been burned away,... Continue Reading →

Angel Had a Baby and a Habit

"Angel" had a baby this week. A beautiful, perfect baby boy with a full head of hair and face begging to be drenched in kisses. But, the baby was born addicted. Angel has been struggling for several years with drug addiction. I could go into the long story about how she fell into that hole.... Continue Reading →

Confederate Monuments: A History Lesson

One of the recurring arguments I have been hearing as to why we should not remove Confederate monuments from government lands and buildings is that we need to remember our history. Yet, the very history of these monuments is reason enough to validate their immediate removal. Keeping them is a white-washing and sanitizing of our... Continue Reading →

Lamenting Charlottesville

Oh, God... I don't even know what to say. My soul aches today. My heart is breaking. But it's been breaking for a long time, I suppose. It's just that the events last night in Charlottesville have re-awakened me to the pain. Your children were praying, Lord. Praying. They were praying and torch-wielding men and women... Continue Reading →

When The Stars Begin To Fall…

It came today--the email about how the world is ending on August 21st. I was wondering when I'd get that prophetic chain email and there was, just waiting for me in my inbox this morning.  It was long and it involved a lot of different colored fonts and maps and apocryphal scripture quotes.  And I... Continue Reading →

The Via Crucis Path Through Minidoka

It was Saturday evening and I was sitting at home with not much left to do. I could dive into household chores. I probably should dive into household chores. Or, I thought, I could go geocaching… Well, of course, my favorite hobby won out over doing laundry. When I hopped into the Jeep I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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