Holy Moments with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The nerd in me couldn't wait. Neil deGrasse Tyson was relaunching Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey! True enough, I threw a few temper tantrums on my father when I was a kid and he forced me to watch the original series, featuring Carl Sagan, on a *gasp* weekend.  But I am a book nerd raised by educators (one... Continue Reading →

The Imago Dei and Neanderthals

Several weeks ago, Judy, a woman in one of my churches,  sent me a questions via Facebook:  "If humans were created in the image of God, then where do Neanderthals fit in?" I'm not going to lie--these sorts of questions are terrifying to pastors. No matter how we answer them, there is going to be... Continue Reading →

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