Simple Pleasures

As many of you may recall, back in October, my beloved five-year-old pit mix, Omar, died after licking up antifreeze off a parking lot.  In my tribute to him, I said I would adopt another pit bull type dog in honor of the sweet, gentle pup who had single-handedly (pawedly?) changed my attitude about the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, General Omar Bradley

No.  Not that one.  Not the General Omar Bradley of World War II fame and former Chief of Staff of the US Army. I'm talking about this one: Omar came into my life in early September of 2008.  I had recently graduated seminary and began my first appointment as a full-time minister in the United... Continue Reading →

Companionship… Better Than A Drug

It's funny how God just keeps throwing the same themes at us.  This week, the theme God has continually thrust me into the midst of has been the lives of the elderly. As a minister, I spend a lot of time with the elderly, anyway.  It's no secret that overall, church populations are aging.  So,... Continue Reading →

Milkbones, Fences, and New Friends

I am a dog lover.  Always have been.  Always will be. It's a plain and simple fact about me that most people learn within seconds of meeting me. Put me in the vicinity of anything cute and fuzzy, and I'm in heaven.  Put me in the vicinity of a dog, and I'm in seventh heaven.... Continue Reading →

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