Reluctant Prophets and the Tireless Work of God

Exodus 6:1-13 The cries of the people poured from their hearts and rose to God's ears. Disturbed by the lack of justice happening on earth, seeing an entire race of people enslaved, witnessing the cruelties of the ruling class, God determines to make "momentous events of justice happen." Those events were huge, indeed. So huge... Continue Reading →

Fearful Hearts Become Hard

Exodus 5:10-23 As is often the case when outsiders arrive on a nation's soil, fear drives the policies of that nation's leaders. Afraid that the Israelite's growing numbers and prosperity would threaten the Egyptian way of life, Pharaoh orders them into slavery. ┬áSaved from the slaughter of all the Hebrew male children (Pharaoh feared they... Continue Reading →

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