Reluctant Prophets and the Tireless Work of God

Exodus 6:1-13 The cries of the people poured from their hearts and rose to God's ears. Disturbed by the lack of justice happening on earth, seeing an entire race of people enslaved, witnessing the cruelties of the ruling class, God determines to make "momentous events of justice happen." Those events were huge, indeed. So huge... Continue Reading →


The Encouragement of Ducks

What is that? I squint into the darkness, trying to figure out what that thing bobbing in the river is.  I love the river at night.  Sometimes, when my soul is restless, the dog and I will walk down to the dock behind the municipal building and sit on the bench, watching the river gently... Continue Reading →

Lectio Divina and the Rhythm of Life

Life is hurried and we rush through it, buzzing from one activity and requirement to the next.  And all too often, along the way, something unpleasant gets tossed into the mix that stirs up our souls and causes us spiritual restlessness.  It's important that we make time in our lives for God to speak to... Continue Reading →

God of War

I've been thinking a lot about God's role in war. At one church, we are studying Genesis... and of course, the Old Testament is no stranger to intense and sustained bouts of warfare. Although we are focused on the Gospel of John at the other church, nearly every Bible study begins with a discussion about... Continue Reading →

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