An Open Letter to Rick Warren (and all parents who have lost a child to suicide)

Pastor Warren, I just heard the news about the terrible loss your family has suffered.  My heart and prayers go out to you as they do for all families that are struck by a sudden tragedy.  But today I feel more compelled than ever to offer you some advice.  It seems strange, I know.  You... Continue Reading →

Learning Compassion

I know I'm a nerd, but I can't help but be fascinated by some of the brain science research being done today.  One studythat particularly intrigues me involved using a fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to measure the brain's activity of Tibetan monks who were meditating on compassion.  Now, meditating on compassion is something Tibetan... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up Appearances

When I first moved to Welch I met a young man who was eager to share his testimony.  So, one day we sat down at a restaurant and had a nice chat over a piece of pie. The young man, John*, at a young age became very immersed in "biker culture".  He never owned his... Continue Reading →

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