This Mother’s Day…

This Mother's Day, I find my heart dwelling on the ways in which we who never knew the thrill, the pain, the fear, or the joy of the miracle of birth mother the children around us. As my 21-year-old nephew prepares to make the long journey from West Virginia to Idaho in order to live... Continue Reading →

More Than Pearls

A poem based on Proverbs 31 A good woman is worth more than     diamonds and pearls-- How will we know her when we see her? She is strong. She is honorable. She looks to the future with a glimmer     in her eye-- She knows there is hope. She is wise. She is kind. She watches... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Mother’s Day

When I went to seminary I was startled to find that there was a rebellion against celebrating Mother's Day as a liturgical day in the church. Some of the reasons were compelling: ┬áSome women have desperately tried to have children and haven't been able to, some mother's are abusive or neglectful, some women have lost... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for the Childless Mother

For the childless mother, I pray-- For the women who bounce babies That are not their own. For the women who wipe little noses And kiss scraped knees-- Who love and nurture and soothe, Who educate and instigate And encourage and embrace The children she could never have. For the childless mother, I pray-- For... Continue Reading →

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