Unexpected Lessons (In Ender’s Game)

This weekend I broke through my conflicted feelings and headed to the theater to see Ender's Game. My feelings were conflicted because everything about Ender's Game (mind you, I had not read the book) appealed to what I love:  a dystopian future, science fiction, the weight and significance of war on young people... and as an... Continue Reading →

Hungering for “The Hunger Games”

Recently, an acquaintance of mine very publicly denounced any parent who would take her child to see "The Hunger Games."  She had just begun reading the novel in anticipation of the movie, and I suppose some of the themes were disturbing to her.  But when I heard her railing against the book, I found myself... Continue Reading →

The Gospel According to… The Lorax?

I know... I know.  It's no secret that I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan.  I have a Cat-in-the-Hat tattoo.  I own every book Dr. Seuss ever wrote.  And somewhere, buried in a box labeled "College Papers" are about a half dozen theses on the underlying meaning and philosophy of Dr. Seuss' writings.  So it's... Continue Reading →

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