Liturgy: January 27, 2019 (Third Sunday After the Epiphany)

Call to Worship: L: Our God has made a covenant with us!P: Yes, our God has taken us by the hand and lead us out of the Land of Egypt.L: Away from captivity and sin, through the wilderness, our God has taken us to a new place, alive with promise.P: Our God has made a covenant with... Continue Reading →

Liturgy: Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Call To Worship: L: In the beginning, God's Spirit swept over the waters and spoke into existence all that is. P: Move over the deep voids of our hearts, O God, and speak life into us. L: Through the terrifying waters of the Red Sea, Moses lead your people. P: Our hearts tremble in the presence of your might, O God, but we will follow. L: From the water of the womb you brought forth your Son for the Salvation of the world. P: We stand in awe of your mystery, O God, and praise you for your mercy and unfailing love. L: Over the... Continue Reading →

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