A Sampling on Enemies

In light of the events of the past week, I am pretty much emotionally drained when it comes to digging deep to offer a devotion or reflection on all that has happened.  As Secretary of State John Kerry said, "In the past few days we have seen the best and we've seen the worst of... Continue Reading →

A Method for the Struggle

One of the questions that I think I get most often is, "How do we know what's right by God?"  With many of the hot-button issues in our society and in our churches taking center stage, and with the conflicting interpretations and understandings of scripture, how do we figure out what is right? It's not easy.... Continue Reading →

Lectio Divina and the Rhythm of Life

Life is hurried and we rush through it, buzzing from one activity and requirement to the next.  And all too often, along the way, something unpleasant gets tossed into the mix that stirs up our souls and causes us spiritual restlessness.  It's important that we make time in our lives for God to speak to... Continue Reading →

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