A Tale of Two Harlots

Zanah. Maybe that word doesn't mean much of anything to you, and why should it? It's Hebrew. It's old. And if you are anything like me, you don't really have much of a reason to look up old Hebrew words. But as I sat down to do my Bible study for today, I found myself... Continue Reading →

Let It Be Resolved…

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions.  I have come to believe that the practice of making resolutions at the start of the year was originally started by some masochist who enjoyed feeling like a failure.  It's not for me. But as I find myself reflecting on the past year, and thinking about realistic... Continue Reading →

Living Out Loud in Silence

I began reading a book today called, The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers:  Spiritual Insights from the World's Most Beloved Neighbor.  The author, Amy Hollingsworth, has pointed out that one of the key aspects of the television show, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, is Fred Rogers' quiet personality.  He takes his time.  He is quiet.  He is... Continue Reading →

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